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LIFETIME WARRANTY | Made in Canada | 1.877.895.9766

The product is OUTSTANDING.

No more having to pull everything out of the cupboard to get the pot or food from the back, only to find the food had expired now that is a real piss off and then have to return all back into the cupboard. Now all we have to do is open the cupboard and pull out the drawer and grab what we want. There is no more bending or kneeling to get what we want and have all arranged from older in the front to new near the back no more expired food here.

The gliding shelves were the BEST CHOICE we ever made for ourselves.

The installer was great one would never know we had them installed till we would open the cupboard doors, he cleaned up after himself was very friendly and polite. He showed and explained how the gliding shelves work and for cleaning them.
We think everyone should have these shelves installed to make your life a lot easier and happier.

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