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Thanks Sliding Shelf Solutions for a great product.

Several years ago we did a major kitchen renovation including the installation of a pantry cabinet. We were very happy with our new kitchen until we noticed we were buying seconds of products stored in the pantry as things got pushed to the back. We should have gotten sliding shelves. The company who built the kitchen cabinets had gone out of business.

One day while flipping through a magazine I saw Gliding Shelf Solutions advertisement and called them. A sales person came out the next day brought samples of the shelf construction. We talked lot about what goes on the selves, how to configure the shelf heights. We were so impressed we looked at a second cabinet and put sliding shelf in there as well. We placed an order and pick a week for installation. We received a call soon after saying our order was ready for installation and he gave us instructions to get ready. The whole installation progress went very smoothly. The installer was a pleasant young man who went over everything again regarding shelf heights and made a few suggestions we didn’t think of but made good sense.

Thanks Sliding Shelf Solutions for a great product. Now we can find everything very easily and we gained lots of storage space.

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