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Dealership Opportunities

High demand for our pull out shelves combined with little to no competition in a growing and massive market that is expected to double over the next 20 years (see market information) ensures our current and future dealers are poised for extraordinary success regardless of the economy. Our Canadian home based business offers you the opportunity to develop a significant long term income with a limited number of exclusive territories available across Canada.

We provide you with a product that is recession proof and in high demand by a massive and growing market that wants it and more importantly needs our rolling shelves. We know that over the next 20 years our main target market, that needs and wants our product, is going to double in size. Contact us now to learn how to get your financial future “rolling” with our simple and profitable ground floor Canadian home based business.

Details on our Canadian Home Based Business

Our Canadian Home Based Business will provide you with high quality in demand product. It’s simple; place ads in your local market with your contact information, set up our display booth at trade shows, and contact specific markets to generate a significant number of leads in your territory.

You then visit with the client, show them our pull out shelves information and samples, measure, take orders, install our gliding shelves.

Our Canadian Home Based Business offers:

  • A home based business with an exclusive territory to develop and own.
  • A premium quality “Made in Canada” product that is in high demand with little to no competition.
  • Massive and growing target markets expected to double in the next 20 years
  • Installation training programs.
  • National advertising bringing qualified leads to you
  • Lifetime warranty on our product
  • And more…
Market Information

Gliding Shelf Solutions is extremely popular with several kinds of people: home owners who want an organized efficient living space, individuals with mobility issues, and our largest markets the baby boomers who are downsizing and seniors seeking accessibility in order to remain independent in their own homes.

Our two main customer markets the boomers and seniors are growing and massive, and they don’t just simply want our pull out shelves, they need them because of health and mobility issues. We know these clients are looking for us in fact we often hear them say how thankful they were to finally find our product. Our dealership program provides you with targeted marketing and sales campaigns to ensure these markets are aware of your new business and call you to order. In addition to our main markets, we also have strategies to generate additional customers in your exclusive territory from several target markets listed below.

The Boomers Market

Nearly 12 million baby boomers in Canada are driving the market for our pull out shelves and expected to do so for the next 20 years as they continue to age. Reaching the back of their cabinets, especially the lower ones and accessing their pantries becomes more painful as people age due to growing health reasons such as arthritis. Additionally, many boomers are moving into smaller spaces like condos where every inch of space has to get used to full capacity to store and keep everything they have accumulated over the years. Our pull out shelves solve these problems and we are told by them that our product is a necessity, not a luxury.

According to Canada’s Urban Futures Institute, some 9.8 million Canadian baby boomers are approaching retirement. About 265,000 Canadians will retire this year which means every day almost 1,000 Canadian baby boomers will turn 60. The projections show that population ageing, which has already begun, accelerates in 2011 when the first baby-boom cohort (born in 1946) reaches the age of 65. By 2020, the number of Canadians retiring each year will be 425,000. This rapid ageing is projected to last until 2031, when seniors would account for between 23% and 25% of the total population. In other words by 2031 we will double our current market that needs (not only wants) our product.

The Seniors Market

Right now there are also more senior citizens than ever — more than 4.3 million and more coming. This is the first time in Canada’s history there are more than four million people aged 65 or older. To put the numbers in perspective, one out of every seven Canadians was a senior when the census was taken in 2006. Fifty years ago, that proportion was about one in 14.

It is important to note that seniors tell us all the time that our rolling shelves are a necessity not a luxury and are truly thankful when we install our rolling shelves. Not only do you fill a real need but you truly get to feel great about your business that just helped someone live in their home longer and with less pain.

Additional Target Markets

Home Care & Occupational Therapists – professionals in this market have clients such as people in wheel chairs that need our roll out shelves to make their lives easier. We have targeted marketing and sales campaigns to target these professionals in your territory.

Professional Organisers – Our pull out shelves will definitely organize a person’s kitchen and bathroom. Professional organizers will appreciate having our rolling shelves to offer to their clients.

Kitchen Companies – often these companies are too busy or don’t have the skills to do roll out shelves for their clients.

Interior Designers – Interior designers will offer our product to their clients because they love it, need it and want it.

Remodelers – With today’s housing market many people are choosing to remodel their homes. We offer remodelers an effective and worry free way to ensure their clients are thrilled with their new cabinets.

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