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LIFETIME WARRANTY | Made in Canada | 1.877.895.9766
built to fit your cabinets


Access 100% of your cabinet space, effectively doubling your storage
Become organized and “uncluttered”
Easy to clean
Full Warranty
Smooth running with sturdy construction that can easily support 100 lbs
Perfect for pots, pans, under sinks, pantries, hidden corners, specialized products, etc.
Easier access to less used and heavy items
Save time and money by viewing your current inventory at a glance
Professional installers with “no sales pressure” guarantee
Reduced Stress & Pain

Our rolling shelves eliminate wasted time and the painful effort of looking for items in the back of the cupboards and offer renewed independence to seniors, as well as individuals with physical challenges.

Love Your Cabinets

Visit our testimonials page and read firsthand how our pull out shelves reduce stress, and enhance our customers quality of life; by making it easy to find and access what they are looking for quickly, and with ease. You will love your cabinets again! It is the best investment you will make in your home, and the one you will use on a daily basis – a few times a day.

Save Money

An alternative to the high cost of a complete kitchen renovation, our sliding shelves will give you 100% accessibility to your cabinets. Being able to see everything in your pantry also ensures you don’t buy items you already have – saving you time and money on groceries.

High Quality & Canadian Made

As a Canadian company we employ Canadian experienced craftsmen, use high quality materials, have no shipping charges, import or duty costs, and in the unlikely event that you have a warranty issue we will solve it quickly from our Canadian offices.

Our industrial grade steel ball bearing glides ensure that you can effortlessly use every inch of your existing cabinetry for as long as you have them. our rails, with the combination of the drawer structure and installation process will support 100 pounds; yet glide easily with a touch of a finger.

Improved Quality of Life

We work closely with seniors, and those suffering from mobility, flexibility and other physical limitations, to solve challenging accessibility issues. Our pull out shelves are supported and backed by expert health care providers experienced in energy conservation, mobility and safety.

Our glides are endorsed and supported by many designers and organizers, who see first hand the benefit of the pull-outs to every client who is looking to increase space in a home or a condo, and keep everything organized.

Gliding Shelf Experts

Our pull out shelf design consultants will provide you with free expert consultation, measurements, installation services. They offer straightforward advice, recommending the right number and size of pullout shelves in order to fully maximize your cabinetry spaces so you can feel confident your cabinets will be professionally organized and de-cluttered.

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