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built to fit your cabinets


Drawer Insert

Bring greater organization to your drawers with our inserts that allow the customer to configure the drawer to sizes that work for them. From standard cutlery to a pizza wheel or pastry blender, make your drawers work for you.

Lazy Susan

High sides prevent things from falling out and our durable construction allow it to take over 100 lbs. Our lazy Susan can sit on an existing shelf or mounted for added stability.

Spice Tray

A great feature to organize all of your needed spices in one convenient place. It can be ordered in any width, 9”-36”.

Spice and Insert
Towel Bar

Easily added to any of our pull-out shelves, this low-cost option is a great way to increase space under your sink. Using it to hang spray cleaners, you free up much needed space on your pull out and can be easily cut to fit any cabinet.

Wine Rack Insert

Safely and conveniently store your favourite bottles.


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