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who are we and what we do

About Gliding Shelf Solutions

Our mission is “To manufacture, market and sell the best pull out shelves
for Canadians
at affordable prices backed by a high level of service”.

Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc., Founded in 2009

Over the past years, Gliding Shelf Solutions has achieved significant growth. All of the pull out shelves are hand made by experienced Canadian craftsman. Through its dealers the company offers free expert consultation, measuring and installation of its rolling shelves for customers across Canada. For Canadian entrepreneurs that want to offer a high quality product that customers love, Gliding Shelf Solutions is actively searching for dealers to assist in marketing and servicing it’s pull out shelves in a growing high demand market.

Our Gliding Shelf Experts

We (Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc.) design and manufacture our gliding shelves in Ontario Canada. Our product lines can be applied in cabinets, pantries, armoires, linen closets, mobile homes (RV’s) and any piece of furniture that can benefit from a gliding shelf solution. Our product is designed to retro fit your existing cabinets and furniture. The process is easy, and affordable, with minimal disruption to achieve the maximum results in creating more space and accessibility, keeping you organized, making your life easier.

The power of positive thinking motivated Lee Anne Daniels to bring Gliding Shelf Solutions

to the Canadian marketplace. But not before Lee Anne and her husband Frank found themselves at the end of their employment rope in 2009.

At age 55, Frank’s job as a chemical processor was gone when the plant where he worked closed. He looked everywhere for employment, but no luck. With their mortgage due and their home at risk, Frank and Lee Anne took a big step. They decided to invest in the popular shelving product and they haven’t looked back.

It was, in part, Lee Anne’s “we can do it” attitude that has spurred the Daniels on to success with a product that pretty much anyone with a kitchen or void cabinet space can use. A friend in Florida told Lee Anne how Gliding Shelf Solutions made it easier to access pots and pans. After doing her own research, Lee Anne saw what looked like a fantastic opportunity.“This is when the saying ‘You’re never too old’ comes into play,” said Lee Anne. Aware of their own ‘shelf-life’, the Daniels are uniquely tuned into what their product can do for an aging population.

Lee Anne tells story after story of how the product has helped clients. One woman, in tears, thanked Frank after the installation because it meant that she could stay in her home for a few more years. Another client called because she was tired of being asked if it was time for her to move into assisted living. She was simply getting too tired to get her roasting pan out. Problem solved with a refit of gliding shelves. “We can increase space without changing the footprint,” explains Lee Anne.

Gliding Shelf Solutions also caters to downsizers. After all, purging 50 years of memories before a move isn’t easy. Knowing there’s space for long- treasured items in your new home can help make relocation easier. Organizationally you’ll be a star. Glides can clean up clutter in all kinds of places, like the pots-and- pans cabinet, pantries and, the always difficult-to-tame, spice rack. 

No more money will be wasted on food that goes stale from sitting untouched at the back of the shelf. “Everyone can use glides somewhere in their home,” said Lee Anne. As a bonus to all of these benefits, installing pull-out shelves doesn’t come with the expense of a big renovation.

Gliding Shelf Solutions is proudly Canadian, based in Peterborough with outlets across Ontario, staffed by people you can depend on. The product is 100 per cent manufactured in Ontario. Although the Daniels realize that they could make more money by going overseas, they want to support the local economy. That’s why they’re here to stay.

Lee Anne and Frank are also aware that if you’re 50-plus and out of work, it can be tough to find a new job. Encouraged by their own experience, they’re hiring recareering boomers just like they were. To quote the Gliding Shelf Solutions slogan: Live Life Within Reach!

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