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“Following the Gliding Shelf Solutions strategy my territory grew quickly to twenty glide sales a week and I can easily see going to an average of forty glides sales a week within the next 12 months. In fact I have already sold forty glides in a week several times this year and this business allows for allot of play time as I can do six presentations and install forty glides in only three days a week.”Frank Daniels

“What a perfect business to be in with this wonderful product. Helping clients who really need and truly appreciate our gliding shelves makes this a highly rewarding business .The quality of the rolling shelves and the support from our head office has been the outstanding force that we needed to get started from the beginning. This is our life, we are making a good living at it, and we love all of it!Kerry and Patricia Devereux

“When I was approached to join the Gliding Shelf Solutions team, it was at a time in my life where I was ready for a change. I have a design and marketing background and besides the fact that joining Gliding Shelf Solutions would be a good complement to my skills, I had to look at theproduct, for less then a minute, to understand the potential, and future of a business like that. It took some leap of faith on my part to join the company in such early stages, but it is safe to say, I had never looked back. I can’t say enough about the product. I am very proud I am a part of a company that sells a Canadian Made product, with such high quality materials, and with agreat warranty that always puts customers first. Gliding Shelves are improving people’s lives, it’s a product that appeals to everyone, but especially to seniors and baby boomers which is a growing market, and will continue to grow in the next 20 years. This demographic hold 75% of Canada’s wealth, and this demographic is in a great need of a product like Gliding Shelf Solutions. The product we offer, the fact that it is 100% custom to the existing cabinets, the quality of the wood, coupled with the commercial grade rails that we use, and the warranty system, makes Gliding Shelf Solutions an affordable easy no mess alternative to a whole kitchen renovation. And a great business opportunity for someone that is enthusiastic to own their own business and has a handyman side to them. Gliding Shelf Solutions will provide sales and installation training, and will always be there to support and help in making the business a success. The investment is a small one. You don’t spend your investment on an inventory of product, because every order is custom made, but rather spend your investment on local advertising to promote the product and generate the sales. It’s a wonderful business, incredible product, people love it, I would absolutely recommend this business.”Marianna Keselman


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I am very pleased with my new Gliding Shelves. They have given me much more storage space and they hold so much.

The people at Gliding Shelves were creative in the design ideas for my kitchen. They were very easy to work with. I would highly recommend this quality product and this particular business.

Holly Bick

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