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I love my Gliding Shelves! I can now utilize the space of my deep pantry shelves with much more ease. They are functional, organized and pretty. Thanks to you and Tyler for your great customer service. I will be recommending Gliding Shelves to all my friends and family.Anna Tesoro

I love my "gliding shelves"! No longer do I pull a pillow on the floor to protect and cushion my knees so I can get articles out of the very back of my lower cabinet. Everyone should have these gliding shelves. Thank you.Claire Colodny

I am delighted with our gliding shelves---in a modern condo with limited storage, I now have as much space as I had in my large kitchen!” Josephine Scott

The product is OUTSTANDING.
No more having to pull everything out of the cupboard to get the pot or food from the back, only to find the food had expired now that is a real piss off and then have to return all back into the cupboard. Now all we have to do is open the cupboard and pull out the drawer and grab what we want. There is no more bending or kneeling to get what we want and have all arranged from older in the front to new near the back no more expired food here.
The gliding shelves were the BEST CHOICE we ever made for ourselves.
The installer was great one would never know we had them installed till we would open the cupboard doors, he cleaned up after himself was very friendly and polite. He showed and explained how the gliding shelves work and for cleaning them.
We think everyone should have these shelves installed to make your life a lot easier and happierMR. AND MRS. V ZYMANTAS

I will look forward to more shelves. I have enjoyed immensely the ones in the pantry and cupboard beside the dishwasher. They exceeded my expectation in every way! Perfect fit and installation and so convenient. It is easy to organize one's items and to reach things with ease. I love to bake and have all my baking supplies organized on one shelf. I keep the shelf open when baking! To find things and put way is a joy! No more "hunting" for hidden items. I find working in my kitchen pleasurable as everything is organized and easily accessible. My condo is new! The shelves are the most exciting addition to my home!
I would be happy to provide a reference to your customers. As a senior, these shelves are especially perfect for ease of locating and reaching items. I am so happy that I read your ad or I would not have known that such an amazing product was available!Regards, Joan Cannings.

I needed more functionality out of my little kitchen. While I had deep cabinets, I wasn't finding them very user friendly! I contacted the folks at Gliding Shelf and quickly was able to get all cabinets measured and a price estimate. The installation was scheduled quickly and done to perfection! Now, I love the fact that I can see everything in my cabinets and even more importantly, easily access all my kitchenware. Thanks so much! Kelli Taber

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"As a designer, I always strive to source the next best thing to suit a variety of homes and clients. Finding just the right company and product that will assist with my design direction and my client's lifestyle isn't always the easiest, until I met with Gliding Shelf. They work with the client's needs to find the best organizing solution, creating more efficiency and ease in anyone's lifestyle. The product is durable, reliable, smart and Canadian made, you really can't ask for anything more".


Jo Alcorn, Design Specialist, B.A.

Whitewash & co.



"Gliding Shelves helps you take all of that amazing storage in your kitchen from "back of the cupboard" to "top drawer" ! Everything on the shelf is easy to see, from the front to the back, which keeps you from buying it twice, those hands and knees searches and from needing a complete kitchen renovation. Many people like the way the kitchen looks but struggle with the way it works. Gliding shelves makes your kitchen good looking and high functioning therefore extending the life of your kitchen for years to come".


Celebrity Designer, Glen Peloso

Design expert The Marilyn Denis Show

Principal Glen Peloso Interiors


"Gliding Shelf pull-out drawers work so well I have them in my kitchen. I celebrate them every day as they give me full use of my 'prime' storage real estate. I can't imagine a kitchen without them."


Clare Kumar, Chief Organizer



“To me, good design is as much about form and function as it is about esthetics. Gliding Shelf Solutions is the definition of well made, well thought out use of space. It allows our clients to fully access their otherwise un-used or cluttered storage. It gives us the potential to create organized space solutions without comprising on the look and feel of our clients homes. This is one of those product I wouldn’t imagine designing without”
Erica Gelman, Principal Designer

House of Design



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